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A lifetime experience

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Nika I love this place with lovely people because this is the best summer job - holiday when i have ever been. 2020-01-22
ZuzRam Nice nature, lovely people and a lot of fun ... these are the greatest ingredients how to enjoy your excellent working holiday in Vendanges!!! Moreover you get a delicious meals and wines, cozy familiar place where you chill out after job, new friends and experiences, and warm shiny memories from sunny Summer in France. Many thanks to all stuff for their great job and Imy especially for his effort to care about all workers as much as he could. He is always in a touch and ready to help if any problems happend. I will be glad to enjoy many upcomming years with all of you - that awesome companies guys! Thank you. 2020-01-14
Nika The best summer job where I have been. Lovely place, lovely people. 2020-01-14
Mike Best time on the yard with people under sun... and afternoon ? best price every day champagne and wine ! 2019-06-09
Katarina I love this harvest time - it is full of fun, wine and great people 2019-05-03
Pepa vendange... best brigade for ever 2019-04-11
Radka&Adam We heart about Vendanges in Champagne from our friends many years ago. Finally, we managed to be able to come (and not only once). And we did not regret any minute!!! It was such a great time we had in Champagne. As the biggest highlight I would say were the people - both the czech and the french. Followed by the great atmosphere, food and experience with french culture and champagne production. Thanks a lot for everything organisators and vendangeurs! And if you are still in the mood ,,go or not go". I guess you know better now, how to decide! ;-) Enjoy it! 2019-01-12
XOXA It was a very nice time in Champagne and I'm so grateful that I could be there. The food was exciting, in team many friends and nice people and I really want to go next year again. :) 2018-09-13
Jolanta I miss and will miss you ALL :* just a bit more than French vineyards, wine and champagne ;) Take care! 2016-11-17
Kix How to start... First time I went to vendanges, I went because of earning money... but once I was there I fell in love with France and with beautiful country of Champagne. To it there is fantastic food, vine, champagne, GREAT PEOPLE AND MOOD. It's like teenage camp for adults :)) Working in vineyards is amazing relax for me, for I work by the PC all year long. But don't be confused - working in vineyards is hard and exhausting, but I really don't mind it, I rather appreciate it - it helps to cleanse your mind ;)) Each time I worked in Denis group. He is great man with kind heart. Same for rest of his family, I always look forward to see them again. It's more like being with family, than with "employers", which gives you motivation and reason to do (gladly!) the best job you can :) There are two main chef's - Mino and Michel - lot of fun with them, they speak only french, but it really doesn't matter, humor stays even with language barrier... :) And there is also one "hidden" chef, that manages everything around and connects us all. There would be no international vendanges like this without his attempts and ideas and no fun without his funny čeština imádština! :D thanks, Imi. I met on vendanges many people that I have in my heart and I look forward to see them again. If there was no money for the job, I would come otherwise, just to meet them again and to share moments&fun again and to visit Champagne again. :) So see you next year(s) and have a great time until then! <3 :) 2016-10-23
EYE What a pleasure to take you there to Vietnam every year :* 2016-09-30
Romana Last year I came to earn good salary in short time. I was a little scared because everybody told me It is hard work! You will hate field, wineyard and wine also! But everybody came next year again :) Why? It is realy fun there! Working people have great fun every day every hour of day! Everybody is friendly, kind and nice. Last day of harvest is especially fun! And last but not least French food is delicious!! See you soon, Regards :) 2016-09-01
Bembela So, how to start? Each end of summer since 2014 is for me conected with vendanges in France and i hope it will last many years! First time I came there just to earn money, but now the money is maybe in last place of all benefits you get there. Company of kind people, excelent and regualar food, lot of fun in the field, great champagne, that you can buy for super low price and for those, who don´t work manuály during all year it´s the chance to forget all stress from school or work and let your brain (not your back or hands) relax. Basicly single thing that could possibly spoil the time there is the wather. So in the case of heavy rain , the work is really hard and annoying, but the diner tasts even btter :D So don´t be afraid and come with open mind and sharp scissors! You won´t regret! 2016-08-31
katarina First time i been there, it was just because of the earning really good money..but i met so many great people who became like my now i am coming back with pleasure every year, enjoy time with them, have some fun, a lot of wine :D you will love it! as I do :) 2016-08-31
La Boule It's really hard to say what are the "+" and what are "-"; there, enjoying vine-harvesting in such nice place as Deni's vineyard. First time was really hard, but after 3 days you are already able used to this work as a routine :) Champagne, tasty food, people and atmosphere there helping you to forget about back and hands pain. Whole time being there we are as a big family, one team, playing in the same squad, helping each other - this is the gold rule there. Every day is a small new adventure on the field :) Small word about Big Chief there - Mino - he has special French humor, for newcomers might be hard to catch it but he is really nice guy, it took me 2 years to say this about him :) but this is the truth. Michel is almost like Mino - so jokes came like doubled. Most of you, as newcomers, on the last day will say: I was here my first and the last time in my life, never again!!! But believe me, you will contact us back to go again next year :) So, all of you, new comers, enjoy your first vine-harvesting there and let as know your feedback after! 2016-08-17